Invasion Photos

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Hitting the Road from Keith's Place

'65 Notchback at home Brian Fye
with Keith's '71 Squareback
On the I-88

Meet 'n' Greet at the Village Motel, Campbelltown, PA

Giant subs and beer for all Shawn Albertin's '67 Fb Piglet David Hughes' '71 Sb Marion McDonald's '71 Fb
Tracy Moore's '67 Sb Roland Metz' '70 Fb Matt Willis' '68 Sb Daryl Koch's '72 Sb

John Jaranson's '68, 'Sophy'

Keith Park's '65 Notch again

Jim Adney's '71 Sb
Bob and Sue Heydt + '65 Notch

Meet the cars at the Deja Vu Field

Ron Mann's Collection:-

Ron's latest, '71 Fb Ron's '70 Sb, only 16,000 miles Ron's '65 Racing Notch
Interior shots of Ron's immaculate 16,000 mile 1970 Auto Squareback

The "Witness" Squareback:-

The real star of the Witness film, a '71 Squareback, thanks to Eric (owner), Keith, Ron and others

The Rest of the Cars:-

Carmen Dquccio's '68 Fb Matt W's '68 Squareback Jim Fisher's '69 Auto Sb Bill Sills '73 Square
Ken Knowles' '71 Square Keith's '65 Notch Marion McDonald's '71 Fasty Tom Smith's '68 Square
Jim and Pat Meyer's Graphite '69 Fastback John's ever-so subtle flames and electric sunroof

All aboard for the Hershey Tour

Collection outside Senior Hall The Park
Founder's Hall line-up

The Workshop Sessions:-

John Jaranson's Composite Class

Wetting out the top and bottom Foam core in place Placing the top sheet over
Working out wrinkles and voids Shaping the edges and bumps Sealing the bag for evacuation

Jim Adney - Brakes;  Keith Park - Front Beam

'Throwing the Caliper' "I wonder if it's possible to do this without getting grease on my Hershey Invasion Tee-shirt"


Prize-giving by Brian and Ron
John's Ford Focus
door rubbers

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