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Updated 28 Jul 1999

1971 Elm green 1600A Variant

1971 Elm green 1600A Variant, owned by Dave Hall,  the Club editor

This beautiful 60,000 mile un-restored Variant (Squareback) was bought as a Christmas present for myself (and the family) in December 1990, having had just one previous owner.  Unusually for a British Type 3, it had no rust in the structure of the vehicle, though the front wings, as usual, needed some treatment.

Since 1990, it has been in concours line-ups at many of the British VW shows, though always the "brides-maid" so far.  In fairness, it is used as a family car, lives outside and visits Tesco at times, which is taking a bit of a toll, but the main reason is that the editor spends too long typing club stuff and not enough doing those little tidying jobs with the cotton buds that a winning car needs!  (All together now,  "aaaaah!").

It went to Wolfsburg about 5 years ago, with a full load and at a good speed, and in May 1997 went to Amsterdam for the Type 3 Meeting, completely full with 4 people and camping gear.  On both these trips, it managed a very creditable 34 mpg (UK gallons) and was completely reliable.  The white interior goes well with the Elm green (L60D) paint, and is much cooler than the more common black vinyl basket-weave.  (By the way, have you got a good right-hand pale cover for sale, for the Fastback?).

And now for something completely different!

Alan Perkins brought along something to our 1996 National Meeting with a bit more style than I usually see at the kind of VW shows I get to visit.

His electric blue 1970 Fastback has many interesting features, not the least of which are his narrow section late type bumpers! 

Alan Perkins' Cal-looker

Alan Perkin's detailed engine

Get a look at this detailed engine!  Or rather, two looks, as Alan has put a mirror there to emphasise the set-up to casual passers-by.
Brian Johnson's 1962 Gulf blue 1500N Notchback Brian Johnston, long-time Type 3 enthusiast, has settled on the Notchback as his particular model speciality.  His superbly turned out Gulf blue 1962 model is, naturally, a 1500N with a single side-draft carburetter.  The carb sits in the centre of the engine over the flywheel housing area, and has a circular air-filter casing rather like the later fuel injection engines.

Fast lady rides again!

Freshly restored by the Editor (superb colour coat by Johnathon) after surviving the urban jungle in Bristol, 'Rhoda', as her previous owner named her, shows off the nicest colour to have come out of Wolfsburg for all time.  This is the Editor's choice of ride, for the sheer joy of driving it and for the satisfaction of restoration. The Variant beats it for camping, though!

Turquoise met. injection Fastback
Another lovely late Fastback. In fact this one is one of the last ever made, and was owned by a German engineer.

A superb effort has been made in restoring it to near perfection.

Notice the rare Type 3 Marathon wheels.

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