VW 1600 Type 3 1971 models

Key to components below

1600 Wiring  1971 model
A Battery
B - Starter
C Generator
C1 Regulator
D Ignition/starter switch
E Windshield wiper switch
E1 Light switch
E2 Turn signal and headlight dimmer switch
E3 Emergency flasher switch
E9 Fresh air fan motor switch
F Brake light switch
F1 Oil pressure switch
F2 Door contact and buzzer alarm switch, left
F3 Door contact switch, right
F4 Back up light switch
F5 Luggage compartment light switch
G Fuel gauge sending unit
G1 Fuel gauge
H Horn button
H1 Horn
H2 Ignition key warning buzzer
J Dimmer relay
J2 Emergency flasher relay
J16 Power supply relay for fuel injection
J17 Connection to fuel pump relay
K1 High beam warning light
K2 Generator charging warning light
K3 Oil pressure warning light
K4 Parking light warning light
K5 Turn signal warning light
K6 Emergency flasher warning light
K7 Dual brake circuit warning light
L1 Sealed Beam unit left headlight
L2 Sealed Beam unit right headlight
L6 Speedometer light
L8 Clock light
L10 Instrument panel light
M2 Tail/brake light, right
M4 Tail/brake light left
M5 Turn signal and parking light, front left
M6 Turn signal, rear left
M7 Turn signal and parking light, front right
M8 Turn signal, rear right
M11 Side marker light. front
M16 Back up light, left
M17 Back up light, right
N Ignition coil
O Distributor
P1 Spark plug connector, No 1 cylinder
P2 Spark plug connector, No 2 cylinder
P3 Spark plug connector, No 3 cylinder
P4 Spark plug connector, No 4 cylinder
Q1 Spark plug, No 1 cylinder
Q2 Spark plug, No 2 cylinder
Q3 Spark plug, No 3 cylinder
Q4 Spark plug, No 4 cylinder
S Fuse box
S1 In line fuse for back up lights & fresh air fan
T Cable adapter
T1 Cable connector single
T2 Cable connector double
T3 Cable connector triple
T20 Test network central plug
V Windshield wiper motor
V2 Fresh air motor front
W Interior light
W3 Luggage compartment light
X License plate light
Y Clock

Ground straps:
(1) Battery to frame
(2) Transmission to frame
(3) Horn to steering coupling
(4) Front axle to frame

The orange coloured spots are the
connections in the test network which
are wired to the central plug.
The numbers in the spots correspond
to the terminals in the central plug.
NOTE On 1971 models built before
May 1971, the mainline from the
battery’s post to terminal B + on
the regulator is a solid red wire.
A solid red wire also joins regulator
terminal B+ with the fuse box.


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