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Updated 15 March, 2009

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Type 3 and 4 + groups:-
VW Type 3 Org (List-serve) http://www.vwtype3.org  
VW Type 4 Org http://www.type4.org  
Type3 UK Yahoo e-group www.t3uk.org.uk t3uk@yahoogroups.com
Type 34 Karmann Ghia Registry (Scott Perry) http://www.type34.org/  
Notchbacks of North America http://www.ixpres.com/hedges/nona.html  
German Typ3 Liebhaber e.V. (Enthusiasts group) http://www.typ3.de  
Austrian Type 3 site http://www.typ3.com webmaster@typ3.com
Aircooled Kings (Washington, USA) http://www.aircooledkings.com info@aircooledkings.com
Type 3 and 4 Owners' Sites
John Jaranson's Type 3 http://hometown.aol.com/jaransonT3  
Type 4 site (from Sweden) http://www.algonet.se/~linkan/Type4home.html  
The Type 2 and Type 3 Experience (Everett Barnes) http://www.thesamba.com/vw  
Scott Fraser Type 4 engine site http://www.dolphinsci.com/typeIV.html  
Iain Carr Type 3 resto etc http://homepages.enterprise.net/iainvw  
Modified Type 3 Site http://www.InsideTheWeb.com/mbs.cgi/mb661689 New URL awaited
SP2 Brazilian Type 3 based VW sports car http://www.vwsp2.com.br/  
SP2 Club site http://www.clubedovwsp2.com.br/  
Dutch Type 3 site (in Dutch) http://www.vwtype3.nl/ info@vwtype3.nl
Type 3 and 4 Technical:-
Search for technical help from the Type3.org archives http://www.vwtype3.org/list/  
Kjell's Guide to D-Jet Maintenance http://www.estinc.com/porsche/djet.html  
Type 3 dynamo to alternator conversion; FI Manual etc http://www.aircoolednut.com air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
Eberspacher petrol heater manuals http://www.conservatory.com/vw/manuals_nyx  
Type 3 Detectives http://www.typethreedetectives.com  
Tommy's Type 4 pages inc. D-Jet FI manual http://www.type4.org  
FI Troubleshooting (Jay Decker) http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Shop/4123  
Bosch FI part numbers, wiring etc http://www.antique-shop.com/vwt3/misc.htm  
Type 3 bits for sale (inc UK) http://www.vwtype3.org/classifieds/  
6Volt/12Volt http://www.sonic.net/~sdelanty/6to12to6/  
6Volt LEDs to replace bulbs http://www.alliedelec.com/catalog/indices/section9.asp  
Aussie T3, paint codes etc (Andrew Davidson) http://www.geocities.com/vw1600tl1971/  
Type 3 Full flow oil filter (OZ) http://www.pipeline.com.au/users/hoopty/notch.htm  
5-door 412 Variant (John Rastall) http://www.rastall.com/412.html  
Type 3 Prototype designs http://www.ixpres.com/hedges/nona.html  
Type 3 parts (from Calif.) http://www.billandsteves.com  
Type 3 Parts (from Canada) http://www.bowwow.ca  
End of line tools http://www.consolidated.fsnet.co.uk  
Die Grossen VW :  The definitive book on Type 3 and Type 4 VWs (German text) www.karl-goerner.de/vw.htm vw@karl-goerner.de
General VW Technical:-
John Henry's Bug Shop (**) http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/4000/  
VW restoration http://members.tripod.com/~thomasamiller/volkswagenrestoration.ht
Eastwood Restoration Co. http://www.eastwoodco.com  
Volksheaven VW dismantlers www.volksheaven.com  
Type 2 + wiring diagrams http://www.vintagebus.com  
Commercial Type 2 site http://www.busdepot.com  
Type 2 chassis codes http://www.type2.com/m-codes/ molenari@dds.nl
West Coast Metric   http://www.westcoastmetric.com  
Type 3 cover sills; Hadrian http://www.carpanels.co.uk/  
General VW Sites:-
Total VW (was Flat 4 Magazine) http://www.totalvw.co.uk  
VWm Magazine http://www.vwmonline.co.uk vwm@warners.co.uk
VolksWorld http://www.volksworld.com volksworld@ipc.co.uk
Super VWs (French VW Magazine)   http://www.supervwmag.com supervw@mail.planete.net
London & Thames Valley VW Club http://www.ltv-vwc.org.uk  
Cornish VW Owners Club http://www.cvwoc.co.uk  
UK and Ireland VW Clubs list Welcome to V-Dub UK  
Type 2 Owners' Club http://www.vwt2oc.org  
KG Club of North America http://KarmannGhia.org  
Perth VW Club, Australia. Bernd Felsche http://www.vwclub.asn.au/  
A Great VW Site http://www.ploon.nl  
VW Books  (UK) http://www.vwbooks.co.uk rod@vwbooks.co.uk
Historic VW Club http://www.historicvws.org.uk/  
VW Owners' Club (GB) http://www.vwocgb.com  
Miscellaneous VW Sites and links:-
VW Sites search engine  http://vww.corliss.net  
VW Links Pages http://www.renegadegenius.com/cgi-bin/allvw/vwlink.cgi  
Volkswagen AG sites; factory and museum http://besucherdienst.volkswagen.de/english/edefault.htm
VW and KG Museums Visits http://www.flash.net/~mikeh74/
VW Show convoys etc. http://vw-online.co.uk/dubrunners  
European VW Meetings reports http://home.wxs.nl/~vwkever/index.html  


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