411/412 Sedan and Variant 1700/1800 cc
Model Features and History

Prototypes: 1966 EA 142 'Notchback' 411

This model is in the VW Automuseum at Wolfsburg, amid other prototypes such as the Type 3 Cabriolet and the EA92, for a time intended to replace the Beetle, but later developed into the Brasilia.

411 Karmann Cabriolet

There was also a cabriolet suggested, and Karmann produced 
this design based on the 'Notch' in 1968.

Photo from Die Grossen VW, H.-G. Mayer-Stein,  ISBN 3-9803665-0-2


Available from www.karl-goerner.de/vw.htm

Production Models: 411 and 412

August 1968
2-door and 4-door 411 Sedan introduced. 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed 1679cc twin carburettor engine, aluminium alloy crankcase, 76 bhp at 5000 rpm, CR 7.8:1, 93 ft lbs torque at 3,300 rpm, 90 mph (88 mph automatic), with full-flow oil filter; 26 mpg (24.5 automatic). Monocoque body with MacPherson strut /coil-spring at the front and trailing wishbone / coil-spring at the rear. 4-speed manual, or 3-speed automatic gearbox, hydraulic clutch, double-joint drive-shafts.

Dual-circuit brakes, with servo on LHD models only, 155x15 radial tyres. 2-speed wipers, dipping rear-view mirror, 2-speed fresh-air fan, front headrests, and the celebrated (and sometimes cursed) petrol heater, with optional time-switch. Oval single-piece headlamps, reversing lights. 'L' model includes extra exterior trim, rubber bumper strips, parking lights, clock, fully reclining front seats with adjustable lumbar support and pockets on back, carpeting on floor. Optionally, front vent wings on 4-door, rear vent wings on 2-door, front head restraints, heated rear window.

August 1969
2-door estate ('Variant' or Squareback) included in range. Now available with Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection; 85 bhp at 5000 rpm, 0-65 mph in 15 seconds, 8.2:1 CR, torque 99.4 ft lbs at 3500 rpm, max. speed 96 mph (94.5 auto), 28.2 mpg (27 mpg auto). Twin round halogen headlamps with matt aluminium surround. Variant tyres 165x15.


411 Four-door Sedan =>

August 1971
411LE 2-door, 4-door Sedan and 2-door Variant. Door triggers longer, door handle recesses deeper, stronger door locks. Padded steering wheel, screen wash/wipe lever switch on steering column, with flick wipe. Computer diagnosis wiring and socket.

August 1972
412 model introduced; flatter bonnet, flashers set high on front wings, more angular headlamp surround, rear lamp clusters slimmer, and higher bumper position. Modified front coil-springs, stiffer anti-roll bar, larger calipers with thicker pad linings.

August 1973
412LS introduced, with twin 40mm carbs and 1800cc; 85 bhp at 5000 rpm, 0-60 in 13 seconds, 100 mph.

Long-lived engine; roomy body; quality of materials and finish; air-cooled!

Long travel brakes (in RHD non-servo form); rust traps in floor, sills, door bottoms, bonnet front, rear engine-carrier mounts, and both outer and inner wings; high octane fuel needed; gearbox faults; petrol heater faults; shortage of experts in fuel injection systems (outside the club!).


Wheelbase 98.4" Track (f/r) 54.2"/53.21" Overall length 180"
Height 58.5" Width 65" Turning circle 37 ft.
Ground clearance 5.3"
Fuel tank capacity 11 gallons; Av. fuel cons. 27 - 32 mpg

2/4 door Sedan 2381 lbs/1080 kg (unladen) 3373 lbs/1530 kg (laden)
Variant 2469 lbs/1120 kg (unladen) 3670 lbs/1665 kg (laden)
Braked trailer 1984 lbs/900 kg

2/4 door Sedan front 14 cu ft rear 6 cu ft
Variant front 14 cu ft rear 24.7 / 48.8 cu ft (seat folded)

1969 411 1700cc twin-carb 68 bhp at 4500 rpm
1970-73 1700cc fuel-injected 80 bhp at 4900 rpm
1974 1800cc twin-carb 85 bhp at 5000 rpm

Typical performance :

Model 0 - 60 mph Maximum speed
1969 411 17 sec. 95 mph
411/412E (1970-73) 15 sec. 98 mph
412 LS (1974) 13 sec. 100 mph


Details extracted mainly from UK brochures; other variations were on sale elsewhere.

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