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The Langleys' Immaculate 412LS Variant 

Updated 16 Oct 1998

412LS Variant in Texas yellowThis is not a low-mileage pampered car, but a well restored 75,000 miler. The Langley brothers spent hundreds of hours in meticulous preparation of this beauty; no cheque book restoration, this.

Type 4s were never very thick on the ground in the UK, and it is rare to see one in as good condition as this.


411/412 Technical Specifications

GENERAL: Monocoque body, in 2- and 4-door Sedan and 2-door Estate; MacPherson strut with coil-spring at the front, trailing wishbone / coil-spring at the rear; rear-mounted air-cooled engine; supplementary petrol heater

ENGINES 1968 to 1972 411: 4-cylinder, flat-four 1679cc twin carb, aluminium alloy crankcase, full-flow oil-filter, 76 bhp at 5000 rpm, CR 7.8:1, 93 ft lbs torque at 3,300 rpm, 90 mph, 26 mpg (imp.); 88 mph, 24.5 mpg (imp.) automatic

TRIM SPEC.: Oval single-piece headlamps, reversing lights. 'L' extras: exterior trim, rubber bumper strips, parking lights, clock, reclining front seats, adjustable lumbar support and rear pockets, floor carpets. Extras: vent wings on 2-door, front head restraints, heated rear window


VW 411 4-door Sedan detailing the systems layout (Courtesy VW brochure)



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