Type 3 Variant (Squareback) Tailgate Hinges


1 - Hinge

2 - Door support

3 - Torsion rod

4 - Pin

5 - Pin

6 - Retaining washer







1 - After removing rear door, remove twelve cover plate screws (early models).





2 - Press retaining washer off hinge and rear door support pin.




3 - Using tool VW 709 (local manufacture), tension rear left or right torsion rod.





4 - Pull pin out from the side.











5 - Tension torsion rod again and press it and door support downwards and at an angle out of bracket on roof member.







6 - Remove tool VW 709 (local manufacture) and push door support off torsion rod.


The torsion rods can be taken out after both the door supports end hinges have been removed, by pressing them to one side out of the brackets.








7 - Press retaining washer of pin connecting hinge towards roof member and remove pin and hinge.


1 - Check torsion rods, hinges, door supports, pins and retaining washers and straighten or replace them if necessary.

2 - Check brackets on roof member and straighten or weld them if necessary. 3. Install hinges after installing both torsion rods.

4 - Hook torsion rod in support on opposite side and push lower end of door support into hinge.

5 - Press torsion rod upwards into the bracket guide with one hand and tension the torsion rod with tool VW 709 (local manufacture) with the other hand, then pull hinge downwards until torsion rod engages in the guide.

6 - Using tool VW 709 (local manufacture), tension torsion rod again until pin can be inserted between door supped and binge. Install hinges after installing both torsion rods.

7 - Secure pin with retaining washer.

8 - After installing cover plate, check position of rear door and operation of lock and lifting mechanism.


From the VW Type 3 Factory Manual 1965 edition; dated July 1966