VW 411 August 1971 on

Key to components below

A Battery
B Starter
C AC generator
C1 Regulator
D Ignition/starter switch
E Windshield wiper switch
E1 Lighting switch
E2 Turn signal/hand dimmer switch
E3 Emergency flasher switch
E9 Switch for fresh air motor
E13 Heater temp. regulating switch
E15 Heated rear window switch
E16 Heater switch
E17 Starter cut-off/back-up light sw
F Brake light switch
F1 Oil pressure switch
F2 Door contact switch, left, with buzzer H5
F3 Door contact switch, right
F8 Kick-down switch
G Fuel gauge sender unit
G1 Fuel gauge
G4 Ignition timing sender unit
H Horn half ring
H1 Horn
H5 Ignition key warning buzzer
J Relay for hand dimmer
J2 Emergency flasher relay
J4 Dual wire horn relay
J2 Heater relay
J9 Heated rear window relay
J10 Heater safety switch
J16 Relay for electronic FI
J17 Fuel pump relay for electronic FI
J21 To control unit for electronic FI
K7 High beam warning lamp
K2 AC generator charging warning lamp
K3 Oil pressure warning lamp
K4 Parking light warning lamp
K5 Turn signal warning lamp
K6 Emergency flasher warning lamp
K7 Dual circuit brake warning lamp
K10 Heated rear window lamp
K11 Heater warning lamp
L1 Sealed-beam unit left - high and low beam
L2 Sealed-beam unit, right - high and low beam
L6 Speedometer light
L10 Instrument panel light
L17 Sealed-beam unit, left - high beam
L18 Sealed-beam unit, right - high beam
L19 Shift lever console light
M2 Tail/brake light, right
M4 Tail/brake light, left
M5 Turn signal and parking light, front left
M6 Turn signal, rear left
M7 Turn signal/parking light, front right
MB Turn signal light, rear right
M11 Side marker light, rear right
M12 Side marker light, rear left
N Ignition coil
N5 Solenoid for kick-down switch
N7 Wiring for heater temperature feeler
0 Distributor
P1 Spark plug connector, No 1 cylinder
P2 Spark plug connector, No 2 cylinder
P3 Spark plug connector, No 3 cylinder
P4 Spark plug connector, No 4 cylinder
Q1 Spark plug for No 1 cylinder
Q2 Spark plug for No 2 cylinder
Q3 Spark plug for No 3 cylinder
Q4 Spark plug for No 4 cylinder
S Fuse box
S1 Fuse for heater (16 amp)
S2 Fuse, heated rear window 8A
T Cable adaptor
T1 Cable connector, single
T2 Cable connector, double
T6 Push-on connector, 8 point
T20 Test socket
V1 Cigar lighter
V Windshield wiper motor
V2 Fan motor, front
V4 Heater blower
W Interior light
X License plate light
Xl Back-up light, left
X2 Back-up light, right
V Clock
Z1 Heated rear window

1 Ground strap, battery to body
2 Ground strap, transmission to body
3 Ground cable, steering coupling


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