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Wolfsburg and the VW Museum

The Split-back Window sculpture outside the Wolfsburg Council Building
with the Type 3 & 4 Club members posing after an exhausting few days (1993)

A composite of three visits made between 1992 and 1997

Visit 1: Accompanied by a former VW Production Engineer, Otto Schubert, May 1992
Visit 2: Type 3 & 4 Club members' 5-day dash from England to Wolfsburg, May 1993
Visit 3: A family holiday touring Germany in a VW Camper, August 1997

The Town of Wolfsburg
Porsche Strasse

An attractive pedestrianised shopping and recreational area formed from the once very busy main route to and from the factory; quite a race-track at the end of a shift.

Enjoy the outdoor chess, the fountains and the sculptures of the Wolfsburg wolves.

The Cadera Cafe above Porsche Strasse, facing the VW Factory; Otto left, Dave right (1992)


Quite a few smart street VWs around Wolfsburg, including this attractive cabrio. WOB plates will be familiar to you from original VW brochures, which often show cars with the Wolfsburg registration letters.


The excellent camp-site just on the edge of a large lake and close to Wolfsburg used to be a short walk from the museum.

Now the railway line to Berlin is once again in regular use, you cannot cross the railway and the Mitteland Kanal there, but must go via Wolfsburg. It is about a mile each way, and makes a pleasant walk.


The VW Factory
Visitors' car park

The visitors' car park has cars from all over Europe, showing the wide variety of visitors for the factory tours.

Your ticket to the automatic gate is validated when you do the tour. Don't forget, or you will have to stay a week! Lovely!

Avoid the two weeks in August, though, when no tours are possible!

Buses of all nations? Maybe not, but these are from Sweden, Germany and Great Britain (1997)


The VW Museum

Check out the Museum car-park, there's often something good to see.

Sweden, England and Germany again; Type 3, Bay and Split T2s visit the Museum.

Considering the Mecca we VW enthusiasts make of it, the Auto Museum on Diesel Strasse is a pretty low key building from the outside, and come to think of it, on the inside too, though you will hardly notice that with the cars to look at. The main thing is, the architect(s) made it good and light inside so normal photography is feasible.

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