Type 3 Tee-shirts

from  Wolfspeed Designs  

This Type 3 tee-shirt on grey background, printed on the front first came out in '99, and has a timelessness about it that will appeal for some years.

There are some other colours, but not all combinations are available.

The normal UK price is £ 11. Post and packing (shipping) extra.

Contact Wolfspeed Designs direct to order this design. They accept credit card mail-orders.

Wolfspeed Designs, 32 High Street Boston, Lincs. PE21 8SP, U.K.
+44 -1205-350419

Previous designs

Wolfspeed Designs may be able to help with these, but last I heard they had none left, and had re-used the frames.  Pity!    




Pale blue Squareback, red VW
only 1Extra Large left now!
Turquoise Fastback, purple VW
Sorry all now reserved
Pale blue Notchback, orange VW
Sorry all now reserved

Wolfspeed Designs has been making quality screen-printed garments for VW enthusiasts in the UK for many years. "Wolfie" is a Type 3 & 4 Club member, and has a Squareback he is restoring.

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