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The Volkswagen Type 3 & 4 Club is the UK's national club and register for these models, which VW produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

Car models:

If you own a Notchback, Fastback, Variant (Squareback), 411 or 412, or Type 3 Karmann-Ghia (razor-edge), this is your club. With about 100 members all over the UK, an additional several hundred on the forum, including a few abroad too, you can be sure there is a fellow enthusiast not too far away.

Help, advice and parts:

Members can obtain advice, ideas, help and spares to maintain, repair and restore their cars. We have factory manuals and parts books to solve many obscure problems and can advise on the correct parts numbers for specific models, repair techniques and service information.

The club can also supply valuations and certificates to help with insurance and registration matters.

There is a stock of club-owned parts available economically, and we can advise where to locate ‘difficult’ items.  The club also has a free-loan members' video library of VW training films and general interest material with the accent on VW.   Click here for Spares Location advice


The Club Forum is now our major means of communication with members, where you can ask technical questions, show how your project is going, and advertise buying and selling of parts and cars.  

We also have a Technical Website with data and circuit diagrams etc.  Other publications are produced on an occasional basis.  

The Technical Handbook containing technical articles, illustrations and additional data from the Club magazines and other sources is under revision and will be available later this year to members.

Special events:

Apart from meeting at VW shows, there are club workshops, social events and visits organised from time to time, depending on demand.  At these events you will find a friendly ear for all those memories, reminiscences and anecdotes concerning Type 3 and Type 4 VWs, and discover things you never knew about the cars.

The Club Stand:

This is set up at major VW events in the UK, and offers club regalia, spares specific to Type 3 and 4 VWs, sales of parts on commission, and information and advice on parts and technical matters.

Come and Join us!


Annual membership now costs just £5. Please apply using the form below.

Click here for an application form

For further information, phone:-

            Jim (spares) (01273-400463)  Dave (technical) (01761-490653).

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