Stanford Hall, UK 2000


Welcome to the United Kingdom's

Classic Volkswagen Show

held in the attractive parklands around

Stanford Hall

a Stately Home in Leicestershire, England

Brian Johnston's 1962 Notch

is still looking good after quite a

few years on the show circuit,

and good for another rosette

The VW Type 3 & 4 Club

with stalwart support from volunteers

offers help and advice to members

and non-members alike

The latest of Brian's Type 3s is this

very straight 1970 Fastback, with its

Cobalt blue paint going well

with the attractive off-white interior

The Fridolin,

a cuddly-looking delivery van

made from various VW parts, with

air-cooled Beetle engine . . . .

. . . looking all very Postman Pat

but no sign of the black and white cat!


Contrast this one with the really

scrappy project at Malvern last July

A beautiful 1970 Bay-window Camper,

with my wife's name, too -

very tempting!


And a worthy class winner also

412 Variant upholds the honour

of the Type 4s, looking cool in white.

There are still quite a few good Type 4s

but no Type 3 Variants at all this time

in the concours

Total VW,

the specialist Air-cooled VW Magazine,

shows off its project Type 3,

bought for a ridiculously low price

and since tidied and repainted

A Beetle Limousine,

well, as long as they get in this country.


Imagine weaving that through

the country lanes of England


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