1997 AGM Rally of the Type 3 & 4 Club

Page dated Nov. 1997

The pretty village of Lickey in the hills south of Birmingham (UK) proved a popular venue for the annual get together and AGM on Sunday 28th September.

Altogether there were 20 'proper' VWs, including a rare cousin in the shape of a Type 34 Karman Ghia, plus a Type 1 Ghia.

Neil Birkitt, editor of VW Motoring, the long(est?) established specialist VW magazine in the UK, had arranged to come along to photograph the club at play. Neil, who was a member of the club when he owned a 412 Variant during the 80s., organised the line up and took his life in his hands on the roof of the Parish Hall to get a good view of the group. With so many cars there, it was tricky to fit everyone in. It's fair to say we were lucky not to have had any more cars arrive. Subsequently a steady stream of members climbed to the vantage point to take photos for their own records.

The line-up: Fifteen Type 3 and four Type 4 tastefully arranged

It took around 90 minutes to arrange the cars and photograph them, but gave an opportunity to examine each other's cars and discuss restorations etc. There was a whole range of vehicles, early and late Type 3s, 411s and 412s, Notches, Variants etc, and very friendly owners in all age groups.

Nick Hall shows how a really smart Type 34 Ghia should look; a '65 1500S two-tone.

Alan Garradley's Elm green Fastback PJH 121H deservedly earns best Type 3 award, while Brian Johnston's Sea blue 1500S Notch gives it a run for its money.

Sandra and Roy Pember's Pastel white 412LS Variant won the Type 4 award, and Ian Stilgoe's Type 3 Variant was the best custom. Nice wheels and multi-coloured red paint!

The business meeting spent quite a while discussing the spares situation; there seems to be no major shortage of spares, and the rarer items are beginning to come into the country from Australia and the USA, which is encouraging. Prices are remaining generally within reach of the average enthusaist, and demand for vehicles is holding firm, so it is still worth restoring vehicles at home. The club has supported modest bulk purchases where there is a risk that parts likely to be needed in the future would otherwise be scrapped. These parts are being sold on to members at a modest mark-up to cover the costs of collection and storage. It is surprising where stocks are surfacing from, with a trickle of right-hand drive cars from South Africa, Malta, and the Far East.

Secure storage bins were suggested as a feasible way of storing club spares; they work for antiques, keeping out both animal and human-type rats!

Members with quantities of spares for sale were asked to let Jim Bourne know, so he can direct phone-callers to the right people.

Some local Auto-trade suppliers may still have service parts left for Type 3s and 4s; ask for the senior parts manager, who may be the only person there who knows what sort of car you mean!


Annual subscriptions will remain unchanged at 10 GBP, but a joining fee of 3 GBP was agreed.

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