Type 3 Sill Extension Repair Panels

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Type 3 Sill Extension Repair Panels

Post by Editor » 13th December 2010 - 1:44am

aircoolsteve wirtes:-

Hi. I've made various repair panels during the restoration of my type 3 squareback and I have a few panels here that may be of interest to those who are doing the same.
It's the repair just in front of the rear wheel, behind the wing panel. It's a place that never gets a look at till the rear wing is removed, and then has to be done to get the strength back into the sill area, not to mention the lower wing fixing!
They are £30 each or £50 for a pair left and right.
I've made a few now for various people and the fit is generally good with just a small amount of pushing and trimming to fit.
If you are interested in them please pm me for more details.


Copied here by Editor. Please contact aircoolsteve by pm.

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