Breaking L reg Squareback

Please say whether for Type 3 or Type 4
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Breaking L reg Squareback

Post by Grease Monkey » 20th April 2021 - 11:32pm

Hi all,
Well my mates Squareback is/was to far gone so I've been stripping it down for him (he works away a lot) .. anyway there some good parts + other parts he's brought for it over the yrs. It's going take a while to post all/most of the parts .. so bare with me, Ta.

T code, 1.6 twin carb. Complete/bolt on. I rebuilt the top end on this a few yrs back .. one replacement B&P, re-honed bores, new rings, one replacement head .. lapped valves etc, Only Elring gaskets used. (done less than 10miles since rebuild !!)
It's had a new Vacuum dissy with electronic ignition, deep sump ,finned alloy rocker covers, I'm pretty sure a new clutch (I'll check)
fresh oil, plugs, leads, cap & rotor arm.
Other than the above parts a very original & good condition engine, starts first time .. no leaks . Can be heard running on the stand.

ImageDSC05406 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

DC Code gear box, obviously IRS .. Oil drained/No nasties. Box is in vgwo no issues .. (well needs a new clutch return spring)

ImageDSC05411 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05412 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Rear sub frame, surface rust .. but solid. Comes with all the mounts £150

ImageDSC05415 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

Peka tow bar, date stamped 1970, bit of surface rust but very solid. £100

ImageDSC05420 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

4 Side windows, good glass & very good chrome trim & clips. £ 60 the lot
ImageDSC05419 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

Front Beam, needs small patch's welding in the usual place ( behind lower rubber mount) the usual bit of surface rust, good ball joints, has all mounts etc .. worth the effort £50
ImageDSC05413 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

N/S Door been stored for many yrs, tiny amount of surface rust in the bottom channel .. vgc £120

ImageDSC05416 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05418 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Tailgate, complete .. as in the pic. Good condition .. bit of light surface rust on the bottom lip. £50
ImageDSC05434 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05435 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Seats job lot .. later 3 point front seats, as you can see the driver has tears and the pass has a few on the base. 3 of the plastic side panels are in gc & the release mech's all work . Both sections of the rear seat are in gc no rips .. they all need a good clean.
£100 the lot
ImageDSC05433 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05432 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05428 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05429 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Repo 15" BRM's, all have a bit of lacquer peel, no kerbing .. Good tyres: rears Vredestein 165's, Fronts Firestones F- 560 £100
ImageDSC05444 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

RHD Steering box in vgwo £100
Lock set, the chrome on both cab dr handles is in gc, both handles & tailgate loc are in gwo £80
ImageDSC05442 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr

Rear bumper, two tiny areas of pitting .. but in lovely condition £100
ImageDSC05439 - Copy by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05441 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Spare wheel/rim £10
Pr heater pods, gc £15
spare wheel well (late) vgc £40 There is another one that doesn't fit a 72' .. so maybe an early ! also gc £40
Steering wheel in gc, no cracks £25
RHD fuel tank, inside is rust free, working sender unit £30
X 2 number plate lights in gc £15 each

ImageDSC05436 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Shell .. gd for cuts, rhd conversion etc, not great .. but well worth £250 comes with V5. Contact for more info & pic's.
ImageDSC05404 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05398 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Pr of Day molding wings (fiber glass) Very good quality & fit, no cracks/holes or nasty's £130 each or £250 the pr
ImageDSC05445 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05446 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Very solid N/S steel wing £100
ImageDSC05447 by Pablo912, on Flickr
ImageDSC05448 by Pablo912, on Flickr

Lots more to come.
Collection NN14 1LJ
If you want more pic's .. txt me your email add.
If you need more info I'm on 07975973134
Thanks Paul

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