VolksWorld Show 2002

Photo-tour  ...                                                    ... or cars for sale?

Pictures taken by Dave Hall with a very small old Panasonic digital camera from Tesco, reduced to 70% resolution to speed up download and hide graininess!  
    The guys from Bolton? (not Twickenham anyway)
What wheels?   Prettier than the yellow one!
Dan's Fastie, mended by digital manipulation.   Rhodri's T34 Ghia, I assume
Dan's wheels.  Too modern for me.   Nice pair with the blue E-reg.
Hunchback drag-tester ....   .... not going anywhere fast.
Buying?  Selling?  Car not interesting enough?   Another pretty early fastback
Row of 'backs ....   .... and fronts.
NOS Panels from Vienna - a taste of things to come?   So there was another Square there!
Oh, and there were some Buses and lots of Beetles too.

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