Sunny Stanford Hall '99

Leicestershire, England, May 2nd 1999

(photo quality limited by low resolution digital camera!)

Derek Frow's 1959 Type 1 Ghia looks perfectly at home

This well established meeting specialises in superbly restored VWs, with the accent on originality. The modestly-sized stately home uses the stable wing (on the right in the picture) to house a motorcycle museum, craft workshops and a curious hang-glider contraption used by the first person to fly a heavier-than-air machine.

Traders are well-represented, with plenty of new and second-hand parts. While performance parts have been available for many years from the 'States, increasingly these days secondhand panels are being imported from there.

The VW Type 3 & 4 Club at work

Clubs are always well represented here, and there was the customary extensive line-up of Split and Oval Beetles from the Historic VW Club, but the special display this year celebrated 50-years of Karmann, with an impressive showing of Type 1 and 3 Ghias, plus many cabrio Beetles. (Did I really miss finding them? Must have been too busy on the stand!)

As well as original air-cooled VWs, we are now able to buy brand new ones from Mexico and Brazil, imported by Beetles (UK). Prices start from £ 7,995 ($13,000) for the LHD Beetle (extra for RHD, sunroof etc) and rise to about £ 15,000 ($24,000) for the Camper conversion. (These prices are very normal for new cars in the UK).

1600 air-cooled fuel-injected Type 1 engine

Camper and panel van
also available

Beetle also available in RHD,
with full length electric sunroof

Beetles (UK)


The winner of the Type 3 & 4 Class

Some of the other lovely Type 3s and 4s (well, one!) at the show





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