Late fasty 71

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Late fasty 71

Post by Skidmark » 14th May 2020 - 9:52am

Selling this on behalf of a friend.

So lets start with the price. It is £6500.00 no offers. Thats what he wants and he wont budge. Onto the car.

Its had work done, it also needs more work doing. So here goes.

What needs doing.

The floor edges from the door pillar back and floor pans need welding. He has the floor edges that were purchased from Germany, but has no other panels. The outer sills need replacing. The door gaps don't line up yet due to previous welding work done on the sills. Thats it for MOT work. All of this was "hidden" with shutz and so on and uncovered when the work on the front was started.

Whats been done

The electrics all now work, when he got it the car was dead and nothing worked properly. At some point it had a monster stereo in it but all this has been removed (causing a few of the electrical problems). I would probably put a new loom in it, but this was a rolling project and he just wanted to get it working for now.

The engine has had a good going over and check, compression is good, carbs have been replaced to 34 ICT with facet fuel pump and filter king. Now has electric ignition. New plugs, leads, cap, rotor and so on. Engine now runs.

The whole front of this car has been replaced, beam, track rods, ball joints, brakes inc hard lines at front. Early fuel tank installed to tidy things up. It has all been stone chipped and painted. It is now very solid at the front and the plan was to carry on with the rest of the car to suit, but obviously his plans have now changed due to circumstances. The rear brakes have also been given a service to get them working properly.

The downside to the welding that has been done is that the body panels have been welded to the floor as you can no longer get heater channels for these things and he wanted done the safest way possible without remortgaging his house to do it. But if its done properly like the front and treated, chipped and painted and looked after I cant see why the car would not outlast us all.

Its been painted, looks OK from a distance but it was done cheap, and it shows. There is no carpet to talk of really and the interior is aged, its a Bernard Newbury, so guessing the car was an old show car maybe. Drivers seat is ripped and particularly bad.

So there you go. Thats the cars description. If you want any pictures please email with your number and I will whats-app them to you as its easier for me to do that than upload them on here. Also if you have any questions please email me or ask on here and i will check every now and then.

Car is located in Croydon, CR7 postcode.

Thanks for reading.


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