Barn find 412 LE on ebay

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Barn find 412 LE on ebay

Post by richtbiscuits » 8th May 2019 - 11:24pm

Not very good with putting links on but found this on ebay the other day:

'VOLKSWAGON 412 LE/LS VARIENT 1973 BARN FIND 32K' (note spelling of Volkswagen).

Looks like a very genuine/honest car and has some interesting additions - I love the spot lights but not so sure about the interior strip light! Sunroof is apparently factory fitted. Take a look. Perhaps offer it a home. If only I could get away with buying more cars...
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Re: Barn find 412 LE on ebay

Post by broady_6 » 9th May 2019 - 7:49am

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