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Posted: 10th August 2009 - 11:47am
by hernandez412
Here goes my attempt at picture posting of my 412. Gold member seemed appropriate for some reason, I love Gooooold Mr Powers :lol: ... otostream/


(Ed: find the pic on the web, go to properties and copy the url ending .jpg into the post then highlight it and click the IMG box.)

Posted: 10th August 2009 - 6:44pm
by Danny Lord
8) :)


Front of GM the 412

Posted: 12th August 2009 - 12:55am
by hernandez412
Here's a front picture of the 412. Spoke to stu412le and he recons that's the cars been floating around the RAF car club for years going between servicemen as they've been posted' it's been passed on. That would explain why the engine dissapeared 4 years ago. It'll probably be sitting in a box in some hanger on the base somewhere. I bought a bay camper from the airbase years ago and it came with the engine stripped and in nice little bags all cleaned up, must be some kind of RAF fettish :D just wish they would put the motors back in and make life a bit easier. Wonder where the car came from originally, think i'll look up the plate letters and see where it was first registered :D ... 813252656/

Image (Here it is - Ed).


Posted: 3rd November 2009 - 9:48pm
by hernandez412
Cheers for putting up the pic, Ed :D