TYPE 4 body panels

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Re: TYPE 4 body panels

Post by Editor » 11th February 2016 - 12:47am

Volvo 740 sills are apparently a similar profile (see Jane Terry, above). If Type 4 sills were rare back then in 2005, I doubt they will be any more common now. Not sure the Volvo sills will be any easier to source!
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Re: TYPE 4 body panels

Post by Kharon8 » 18th April 2016 - 12:04am

Here in North (means Finland in this case) there are plenty of Volvo parts available as 740 was a fairly common car and manufactured just across the border, in Sweden.

Outer sill plates 55euros/piece at local parts shop (motonet.fi, parts 90-40011 and 90-40012). No idea if they deliver outside of Finland or if it makes sense at all, that's up to you.

But I might be able to help if needed.
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