For the love of god, what now...

Just for 411 and 412 stuff.
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For the love of god, what now...

Post by Smokem_44 » 21st October 2016 - 4:51pm

1973 VW412 LE Variant

So, managed to get under the old girl recently to fit some shocks to the rear and some springs up front.
Lovely thinks I, that handles a lot better...

Bought a super beetle idler bush (which is feckin massive) and Im not sure thats the right one at all, but just about to
fit it to start the cure on the dreaded wheel wobble, when I notice that the ball joint which connects the steering box to
the long 'drag arm' has about 3mm of play in it...
Any ideas where I can get one from (or get this one reconditioned) as this is a def MOT nogo and its coming up on that
time of year...

Could really do with some help here as trawling the tinterweb has produced exactly zero results...

Many thanks,
Type 3 Squareback, Slammed late bay, 412 LE Variant and an ickle Fiat 126...

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Re: For the love of god, what now...

Post by 937carrera » 28th October 2016 - 9:49pm

Dan, ... gory=21731

Can you identify which bit on this parts diagram you need ?
1974 412LS Variant
1973 412LE 4 door Fastback / Saloon

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