412 project :) where do i get the parts??

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412 project :) where do i get the parts??

Post by chris412 » 3rd July 2015 - 5:16pm

Hey guys, i've got a beautiful 412 Variant standing around waiting for some love and I'm a bit unsure on how to get the parts that i need to make this car awesome. She has been standing outside my granddads house for 25years with only a raincover to protect her from the elements, but corrosion isn't really a problem, however the brakes have locked and i'd like to replace the 1,7Injection engine with something more juicy.

So, i want to install discbrakes on all 4 wheels ( i have no idea as to what car i could get these from) and regarding the engine, i think a porsche would be the best fit? i also have a 1,8carb engine laying around in very good condition that i could use, but i feel the 80hp just won't cut it. Maybe a turbo would do the trick?
Anyone that has some experience with this is very welcome to throw me some ideas and information, it will be much appreciated!!!

Thanks :)

Also, does anyone have a blueprint of this '73 beauty?

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Re: 412 project :) where do i get the parts??

Post by Kharon8 » 4th July 2015 - 2:35pm

The short answer: You don't.

The long answer: As VW provides (almost) nothing and aftermarket parts basically doesn't exist, you either restore the existing parts or swap/buy them from other owners.

That's why most 4xx-owners have several spare parts cars. One person I know, has 3 whole cars (similar than his own) and parts from 11 other cars he has dismantled. Even that doesn't help as some parts are going to be broken in every car you'll find.

80hp doesn't look much on paper but a 4xx isn't a heavy car, it moves adequately.

But there's a lot of work before moving at all so I wouldn't even think about upgrades before it moves and is MOTted.
(Unless you rebuild the engine: At that point upgrading is almost trivial and little additional cost. Total cost of course is significant, type4 engine parts aren't cheap (compared to Beetle parts) and a day in machine shop costs some real money.)

Same applies to disc brakes: You can do it but it serves no actual function outside of the fun of tinkering, doing things the hard way on purpose as (as far as I know) no-one makes a bolt-on set for 4xx and no other will fit: You'd more or less have to make it from the scratch.

The harsh reality is that those people who can do that, don't ask how, they just do. Or try, fail, and try again until they succeed or give up. But it's a very long and rocky path from idea to working implementation of the idea.

No blueprints but a spare part catalog by VW (In German, sorry: I don't know if it exists in English, so I learnt some German in order to read it):
http://www.vw-classicparts.info/katalog ... sd.html#/1

Some German definitely helps a lot as ebay.de has 4xx parts all the time. Not many but at least some and most actually ship EU-wide. Even if the ad says that Germany only.

I'm kind of newbie on 4-series too, but I've been practising on smaller models quite a long time.
Kharon - '61typ2, '63typ14,'65typ34 & '74 412
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Re: 412 project :) where do i get the parts??

Post by Editor » 6th July 2015 - 11:04pm

Wise words, Kharon.

Indeed, the large rear drums and front discs on Type 4 are not at all bad, and I have seen remote servo systems, though I don't think they were as common on RHD cars as LHD. A modern car has so much more metalwork, airbags etc it is probably twice the weight to accelerate and brake.

If you need part numbers, I've both Type 3 and Type 4 parts books in English, so can check what you need. There's certainly a Type 3 parts book online at TheSamba.com, but I'm not sure if there's a Type 4 one.

A 1.8 twin carb if properly adjusted will save the worry that the FI system can give - there's a fair bit to learn, and only second-hand parts available, but when sorted, FI does give a better response than carbs.

As a general rule, don't throw anything away - while some things can be bought new, sometimes the quality leaves much to be desired. Only change things you prove to be faulty, and even then, it may be safer to hold onto them for possible repair! Brazilian replacements simply aren't made to the same high standards as the original German parts.

Jane and Bryan Terry have years of experience on Type 4s - and a farm in Kent with a large number of dismantled parts. It's our UK Mecca for Type 4s! Phone 01303840374 for the workshop.

Your grandad knew what he was doing buying quality - glad you want to enjoy it too.

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