Pierburg Fuel Pump Rebuild

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Pierburg Fuel Pump Rebuild

Post by s.unsworth » 26th February 2023 - 10:19am

How do you make sure the New Outlet ( Discharge ) Valve stays in the Top Cover when Rebuilding an Original Pierburg Fuel Pump please ?

I know they are " Peened in " but don`t know if my Peening would be good enough. I have thought of drilling and tapping for a couple of M2 or M2.5 Screws, and maybe a thin washer as a more positive way to secure the valve.

No problem with any of the rest of Rebuild. Even made a Jig to ensure full deflection of the Diaphragm before tightening the Screws. I think what I have done before is just leave the old Valve alone.

Steve U

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