Rear seat belts

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Rear seat belts

Post by carlosfandango » 4th February 2022 - 2:27pm

Hi all,

I realise this maybe an age old topic, but I'd like to install 3 point belts in the rear of my early shape 69 square, so we can enjoy the car with the kids.

I assume there should be a shoulder mounting point on the pillar, but not sure about where to mount the retractor if I went down that route, possibly on top of the wheel arch?
I could install static 3 point belts, but I know these can be a bit uncomfortable for longer journeys, but an option if there's too much messing around and modification for retracing belts.

Advice, knowledge, and better still pictures are all appreciated!

1969 Fuel Injection Automatic Squareback
1967 Porsche 912

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