Door skins or repair panels?

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Door skins or repair panels?

Post by veedweeb » 5th August 2020 - 1:59pm

Are door skins or door repair panels available?

I haven't noticed any but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places

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Re: Door skins or repair panels?

Post by sparkywig » 5th August 2020 - 6:02pm

I've got a NOS offside door skin for later doors.


Postage might be an issue though.

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Re: Door skins or repair panels?

Post by broady_6 » 7th August 2020 - 10:46pm

No new panels available as far as I know only NOS parts such as sparkywigs offering. Postage wise give a go. Ive used it quite a few times. Different to your conversional carrier. Package isnt usually required as its just "man with van". They all bid against ech other which drives the price down. I recently had a pair of tyres collected from chelmsford and 24 hours they were placed in my hands up here in lincolnshire for just under £60. Theyre a rare tyre before you ask. But the point being if I drove it, id have used at least £30 in fuel and 6 hours. So £60 was good value.

You may find that door skin could be under £50, its well worth a try.
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