Seat Runner Springs

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Seat Runner Springs

Post by s.unsworth » 28th April 2019 - 6:48pm

Just been swapping the Drivers Seat on the 1972 Variant. Expecting to have to press down the Spring Plate thing that stops the Seat sliding off the front of the inboard Runner.

It’s not there ! Neither is the one for the Passenger Seat. I can only guess that the guy who did the “ Body Off “ maybe did not understand how to get the Seats out and wrecked Spring Plate things ! Can I fit replacements ? If so how, and has anybody got any ?

Found the Plastic Seat Runner Guide was broken in 3 pieces as well, so need to get a Set.

311 881 213 & 311 881 215 Are they cheap anywhere ? Only found them as a Set of 4 at £47.99 plus postage. Or just 1 long one at £10.99 plus postage.

Oh the Drivers Seat ? Original was getting very tatty in about 1990 so I fitted a better one from the Scrap Yard. That one has got very “ laid back “ so the plan was to see if the Original is now the better of the 2 !


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Re: Seat Runner Springs

Post by In2Rust » 13th May 2019 - 5:11pm

Hi I have the inner tunnel seat runner cuts in very nice condition from a 71 car. They have the sprung part you push down on to release seat.
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Re: Seat Runner Springs

Post by sparkywig » 15th May 2019 - 8:33pm

The plastic seat runner guides that you found are from Simon Kelley (notch1500), so they'll be OK. ... 1438.l2649

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