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UK Registration Letters

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Vehicle Registration Letters
The original County Councils (C.C.) or County Borough Councils (C.B.C.) of first registration can be found from the last two letters of the letter group (ignore the year letter if there is one). Eg, BLJ 659B is 'LJ' or Bournemouth CBC. Since then, boundary changes have made a mess of it!
(If you know where 1964 1500S Variant BLJ 659B is, I'd be very interested. Dave.)

Numbers with 4 digits and just 2 letters were issued in popular areas in 1960-1962.

Date-related registrations (to give the right vintage look to a number for a recently imported vehicle) are mainly Scottish, and will have an 'S' in the last two letters.

A London C.C.
AA Hampshire C.C.
AB Worcestershire CC.
AC Warwick C.C.
AD Gloucestershire C.C.
AE Bristol C.B.C.
AF Cornwall C.C.
AG Aye C.C.
AH Norfolk C.C.
AI Heath C.C.
AJ North Riding of Yorks C.C.
AK Bradford C.B.C.
AL Nottinghamshire C.C.
AM Wilts C.C.
AN West Ham C.B.C.
AO Cumberland C.C.
AP East Sussex C.C.
AR Hertford C.C.
AS Nairn C.C.
AT Kingston-upon-Hull C.B.C.
AU Nottingham C.B.C.
AV Aberdeenshire C.C.
AW Salop C.C.
AX Monmouth C.C.
AY Leicestershire C.C.
AZ Belfast C.B.C.
B Lancashire C.C.
BA Salford C.B.C.
BB Newcastle-upon-Tyne C.B.C.
BC Leicester C.B.C.
BD Northamptonshire C.C.
BE Parts of Lindsey (Lincs) C.C.
BF Staffordshire C.C.
BG Birkenhead C.B.C.
BH Bucks C.C.
BI Monaghan C.C.
BJ East Suffolk C.C.
BK Portsmouth C.B.C.
BL Berks C.C.
BM Bedford C.C.
BN Bolton C.B.C.
BO Cardiff C.B.C.
BP West Sussex C.C.
BR Sunderland C.B.C.
BS Orkney C.C.
BT East Riding of Yorks C.C.
BU Oldham C.B.C.
BV Blackburn C.B.C.
BW Oxfordshire C.C.
BX Carmarthen C.C.
BY Croydon C.B.C.
BZ Down C.C.
C West Riding of Yorks C.C.
CA Denbigh C.C.
CB Blackburn C.B.C.
CC Caernarvon C.C.
CD Brighton C.B.C.
CE Cambridge C.C.
CF West Suffolk CC.
CG Hampshire C.C.
CH Derby C.B.C.
CI Laolghis C.C.
CJ Hereford CC.
CK Preston C.B.C.
CL Norwich C.B.C.
CM Birkenhead C.B.C.
CN Gateshead C.B.C.
CO Plymouth C.B.C.
CP Halifax C.B.C.
CR Southampton C.B.C.
CS Ayr C.C.
CT Parts of Kesteven (Lincs) C.C.
CU South Shields C.B.C.
CV Cornwall C.C.
CW Burnley C.B.C.
CX Huddersfield C.B.C.
CY Swansea C.B.C.
CZ Belfast C.B.C.
D Kent C.C.
DA Wolverhampton C.B.C.
DB Stockport C.B.C.
DC Middlesbrough C.B.C.
DD Gloucestershire C.C.
DE Pembroke C.C.
DF Gloucestershire C.C.
DG Gloucestershire C.C.
DH Walsall C.B.C.
DI Roscommon C.C.
DJ St. Helens C.B.C.
DK Rochdale C.B.C.
DL Isle of Wight C.C.
DM Flint C.C.
DN York C.B.C.
DO Parts of Holland (Lincs) C.C.
DP Reading C.B.C.
DR Plymouth C.B.C.
DS Peebles C.C.
DT Doncaster C.B.C.
DU Coventry C.R.C.
DV Devon C.C.
DW Newport (Mon.) C.B.C.
DX Ipswich C.B.C.
DY Hastings C.B.C.
DZ Antrim C.C.
E Staffordshire C.C.
EA West Bromwich C.B.C.
EB Isle of Ely C.C.
EC Westmorland C.C.
ED Warrington C.B.C.
EE Grimsby C.R.C.
EF West Hartlepool C.B.C.
EG Soke of Peterborough C.C.
EH Stoke-on-Trent C.B.C.
EI Sligo C.C.
EJ Cardigan C.C.
EK Wigan C.B.C.
EL Bournemouth C.B.C.
EM Bootle C.B.C.
EN Bury C.B.C.
EO Barrow-in-Furness C.B.C.
EP Montgomery C.C.
ER Cambridge C.C.
ES Perth C.C.
ET Rotherham C.B.C.
EU Breconshire CC.
EV Essex C.C.
EW Huntingdon C.C.
EX Great Yarmouth C.B.C.
EY Anglesey C.C.
EZ Belfast C.B.C.
F Essex C.C.
FA Burton-on-Trent C.B.C.
FB Bath C.B.C.
FC Oxford C.B.C.
FD Dudley C.B.C.
FE Lincoln C.B.C.
FF Merioneth C.C.
FG Fife C.C.
FH Gloucester C.B.C.
FI North Riding of Tipperary C.C.
FJ Exeter C.B.C.
FK Worcester C.B.C.
FL Soke of Peterborough C.C.
FM Chester C.B.C.
FN Canterbury C.B.C.
F0 Radnor C.C.
FP Rutland C.C.
FR Blackpool C.B.C.
FS Edinburgh B.C.
FT Tynemouth C.B.C.
FU Parts of Lindsey (Lincs) C.C.
FV Blackpool C.R.C.
FW Parts of Lindsey (Lincs) C.C.
PX Dorset C.C.
FY Southport C.B.C.
FZ Belfast C.R.C.
G Glasgow B.C.
GA Glasgow B.C.
GB Glasgow B.C.
GC London C.C.
GD Glasgow B.C.
GE Glasgow B.C.
GF London C.C.
GG Glasgow B.C.
GH London C.C.
GJ London C.C.
GK London C.C.
GL Bath C.B.C.
GM Motherwell and Wilshaw B.C.
GN London C.C.
GO London C.C.
GP London C.C.
GR Sunderland C.B.C.
GS Perth C.C.
GT London C.C.
GU London C.C.
GV West Suffolk C.C.
GW London C.C.
GX London C.C.
GY London C.C.
GZ Belfast C.B.C.
H Middlesex C.C.
HA Smethwick C.B.C.
HB Merthyr Tydfil C.R.C.
HC Eastbourne C.B.C.
HD Dewsbury C.R.C.
HE Barnsley C.R.C.
HF Wallasey C.B.C.
HG Burnley C.B.C.
HH Carlisle C.B.C.
HI South Riding of Tipperary C.C.
HJ Southend-on-Sea C.B.C.
HK Essex C.C.
HL Wakefield C.R.C.
HM East Ham C.B.C.
HN Darlington C.B.C.
HO Southampton C.C.
HP Coventry C.R.C.
HR Wilts C.C.
HS Renfrew C.C.
HT Bristol C.R.C.
HU Bristol C.B.C.
HV East Ham C.R.C.
HW Bristol C.R.C.
HX Middlesex CC.
HY Bristol C.B.C.
HZ Tyrone C.C.
IA Antrim C.C.
lB Armagh C.C.
IC Carlow CC.
ID Cavan C.C.
IE Clare C.C.
IF Cork C.C.
IH Donegal C.C.
IJ Down C.C.
IK Dublin C.C.
IL Fermanagh C.C.
IM Galway C.C.
IN Kerry CC.
IO Kildare C.C.
IP Kilkenny C.C.
IR Offaly C.C.
IT Leitrim C.C.
IU Limerick C.C.
IW Londonderry C.C.
IX Longford C.C.
IY Louth C.C.
IZ Mayo C.C.
J Durham C.C.
JA Stockport C.B.C.
JB Berks C.C.
JC Caernarvon C.C.
JD West Ham C.B.C.
JE Isle of Ely C.C.
JF Leicester C.R.C.
JG Canterbury C.B.C.
JH Hertford C.C.
JI Tyrone C.C.
JJ London CC.
JK Eastbourne C.R.C.
JL Parts of Holland (Lincs) C.C.
JM Westmorland C.C.
JN Southend C.B.C.
JO Oxford C.R.C.
JP Wigan C.B.C.
JR Northumberland C.C.
JS Ross and Cromarty C.C.
JT Dorset C.C.
JU Leicestershire C.C.
JV Grimsby C.R.C.
JW Wolverhampton C.R.C.
JX Halifax C.B.C.
JY Plymouth C.B.C.
JZ Down C.C.
K Liverpool C.B.C.
KA Liverpool C.B.C.
KB Liverpool C.B.C.
KC Liverpool C.B.C.
KD Liverpool C.B.C.
KE Kent C.C.
KF Liverpool C.B.C.
KG Cardiff C.B.C.
KH Kingston-upon-Hull C.B.C.
KI Waterford C.C.
KJ Kent C.C.
KK Kent C.C.
KL Kent C.C.
KM Kent C.C.
KN Kent C.C.
KO Kent C.C.
KP Kent C.C.
KR Kent C.C.
KS Roxburgh C.C.
KT Kent C.C.
KU Bradford C.B.C.
KV Coventry C.B,C.
KW Bradford C.B.C.
KX Bucks C.C.
KY Bradford C.B.C.
KZ Antrim C.C.
L Glamorgan C.C.
LA London C.C.
LB London C.C.
LC London C.C.
LD London C.C.
LE London C.C.
LF London C.C.
LG Cheshire C.C.
LH London C.C.
LI Westmeath C.C.
LJ Bournemouth C.B.C.
LK London C.C.
LL London C.C.
LM London C.C.
LN London C.C.
LO London C.C.
LP London C.C.
LR London C.C.
LS Selkirk C.C.
LT London C.C.
LU London C.C.
LV Liverpool C.B.C.
LW London C.C.
LX London C.C.
LY London C.C.
LZ Armagh C.C.
M Cheshire C.C.
MA Cheshire C.C.
MB Cheshire C.C.
MC Middlesex C.C.
MD Middlesex C.C.
ME Middlesex C.C.
MF Middlesex C.C.
MG Middlesex C.C.
MH Middlesex C.C.
MI Wexford C.C.
MJ Bedford C.C.
MK Middlesex C.C.
ML Middlesex C.C.
MM Middlesex C.C.
MO Berks C.C.
MP Middlesex C.C.
MR Wilts C.C.
MS Stirling C.C.
MT Middlesex C.C.
MU Middlesex C.C.
MV Middlesex C.C.
MW Wilts C.C.
MX Middlesex C.C.
MY Middlesex C.C.
MZ Belfast C.R.C.
N Manchester C.R.C.
NA Manchester C.B.C.
NB Manchester C.B.C.
NC Manchester C.B.C.
ND Manchester C.B.C.
NE Manchester C.B.C.
NF Manchester C.B.C.
NG Norfolk C.C.
NH Northampton C.B.C.
NI Wicklow C.C.
NJ East Sussex C.C.
NK Hertford C.C.
NL Northumberland C.B.C.
NM Bedford C.C.
NN Nottinghamshire C.C.
NO Essex C.C.
NP Worcestershire C.C.
NR Leicestershire C.C.
NS Sutherland C.C.
NT Salop C.C.
NU Derbyshire C.C.
NV Northamptonshire CC.
NW Leeds C.B.C.
NX Warwick C.C.
NY Glamorgan C.C.
NZ Londonderry CC.
O Birmingham C.B.C.
OA Birmingham C.B.C.
OB Birmingham C.B.C.
OC Birmingham C.B.C.
OD Devon C.C.
OE Birmingham C.B.C.
OF Birmingham C.B.C.
OG Birmingham C.B.C.
OH Birmingham C.B.C.
OI Belfast C.B.C.
OJ Birmingham C.B.C.
OK Birmingham C.B.C.
OL Birmingham C.B.C.
OM Birmingham C.B.C.
ON Birmingham C.B.C.
OO Essex C.C.
OP Birmingham C.B.C.
OR Hampshire C.C.
OS Wigtown C.C.
OT Hampshire C.C.
OU Hampshire C.C.
OV Birmingham C.B.C.
OW Southampton C.B.C.
OX Birmingham C.B.C.
OY Croydon C.B.C.
OZ Belfast C.B.C.
P Surrey C.C.
PA Surrey C.C.
PB Surrey CC.
PC Surrey C.C.
PD Surrey C.C.
PE Surrey C.C.
PF Surrey C.C.
PG Surrey C.C.
PH Surrey C.C.
PI Cork C.B.C.
PJ Surrey C.C.
PK Surrey C.C.
PL Surrey C.C.
PM East Sussex C.C.
PN East Sussex C.C.
PO West Sussex C.C.
PP Bucks C.C.
PR Dorset C.C.
PS Zetland C.C.
PT Durham C.C.
PU Essex C.C.
PV Ipswich C.B.C.
PW Norfolk C.C.
PX West Sussex C.C.
PY North Riding of Yorks C.C.
PZ Belfast C.B.C.
QA London C.C.
QB London C.C.
QC London C.C.
QD London C.C.
QE London C.C.
QF London C.C.
QG London C.C.
QH London C.C.
QJ London C.C.
QK London C.C.
QL London C.C.
QM London C.C.
QN London C.C.
QP London C.C.
QQ London C.C.
QS London C.C.
R Derbyshire C.C
RA Derbyshire C.C.
RB Derbyshire C.C.
RC Derby C.B.C.
RD Reading C.B,C.
RE Staffordshire C.C.
RF Staffordshire C.C.
RG Aberdeen B.C.
RH Kingston-upon-Hull C.B.C.
RI Dublin C.B.C.
RJ Salford C.B.C.
RK Croydon C.B.C.
RL Cornwall C.C.
RM Cumberland C.C.
RN Preston C.B.C.
RO Hertford C.C.
RP Northamptonshire C.C.
RR Nottinghamshire C.C.
RS Aberdeen B.C.
RT East Suffolk C.C.
RU Bournemouth C.B.C.
RV Portsmouth C.B.C.
RW Coventry C.B.C.
RX Berks C.C.
RY Leicester C.B.C.
RZ Antrim C.C.
S Edinburgh B.C.
SA Aberdeenshire C.C.
SB Argyll C.C.
SC Edinburgh B.C.
SD Ayr C.C.
SE Banff C.C.
SF Edinburgh B.C.
SG Edinburgh B.C.
SH Berwick C.C.
SJ Bute C.C.
SK Caithness C.C.
SL Clackmannan CC.
SM Dumfries C.C.
SN Dumbarton C.C.
SO Moray C.C.
SP Fife C.C.
SR Angus C.C.
SS East Lothian C.C.
ST Inverness C.C.
SU Kincardine C.C.
SV Kinross C.C.
SW Kirkcudbright C.C.
SX West Lothian C.C.
SY Midlothian C.C.
SZ Down C.C.
T Devon C.C.
TA Devon C.C.
TB Lancashire C.C.
TC Lancashire C.C.
TD Lancashire C.C.
TE Lancashire C.C.
TF Lancashire C.C.
TG Glamorgan C.C.
TH Carmarthen C.C.
TI Limerick C.B.C.
TJ Lancashire C.C.
TK Dorset C.C.
TL Parts of Kesteven (Lincs.) C.C.
TM Bedford C.C.
TN Newcastle-upon-Tyne C.B.C.
TO Nottingham C.B.C.
TP Portsmouth C.B.C.
TR Southampton C.B.C.
TS Dundee B.C.
TT Devon C.C.
TU Cheshire C.C.
TV Nottingham C.B.C.
TW Essex C.C.
TX Glamorgan C.C.
TY Northumberland C.C.
TZ Belfast C.B.C.
U Leeds C.B.C.
UA Leeds C.B.C.
UB Leeds C.B.C.
UC London C.C.
UD Oxfordshire C.C.
UE Warwick C.C.
UF Brighton C.B.C.
UG Leeds C.B.C.
UH Cardiff C.R.C.
UI Londonderry C.B.C.
UJ Salop C.C.
UK Wolverhampton C.B.C.
UL London C.C.
UM Leeds C.B.C.
UN Denbigh C.C.
UO Devon C.C.
UP Durham C.C.
UR Hertford C.C.
US Glasgow B.C.
US N. London C.C.
UT Leicestershire C.C.
UU London C.C.
UV London C.C.
UW London C.C.
UX Salop C.C.
UY Worcestershire C.C.
UZ Belfast C.B.C.
V Lanark C.C.
VA Lanark C.C.
VB Croydon C.B.C.
VC Coventry C.B.C.
VD Lanark C.C.
VE Cambridge C.C.
VF Norfolk C.C.
VG Norwich C.B.C.
VH Huddersfield C.B.C.
VJ Hereford C.C.
VK Newcastle-upon-Tyne C.B.C.
VL Lincoln C.B.C.
VM Manchester C.B.C.
VN North Riding of Yorks C.C.
VO Nottinghamshire C.C.
VP Birmingham C.B.C.
VR Manchester C.B.C.
VS Greenock B.C.
VT Stoke-on-Trent C.B.C.
VU Manchester C.B.C.
VV Northampton C.R.C.
VW Essex C.C.
VX Essex C.C.
VY York C.B.C.
VZ Tyrone C.C.
W Sheffield C.B.C.
WA Sheffield C.B.C.
WB Sheffield C.B.C.
WC Essex C.C.
WD Warwick C.C.
WE Sheffield C.B.C.
WF East Riding of Yorks. C.C.
WG Stirling C.C.
WH Bolton C.B.C.
WI Waterford C.B.C.
WJ Sheffield C.B.C.
WK Coventry C.B.C.
WL Oxford C.B.C.
WM Southport C.B.C.
WN Swansea C.B.C.
WO Monmouth C.C.
WP Worcestershire C.C.
WR West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WS Edinburgh B.C.
WT West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WU West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WV Wilts C.C.
WW West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WX West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WY West Riding of Yorks C.C.
WZ Belfast C.B.C.
X Northumberland C.C.
XA London C.C, (also Kirkcaldy B.C.)
XB London C.C.
XC London C.C.
XD London C.C.
XE London C.C.
XF London C.C.
XG Middlesbrough C.B.C.
XH London C.C.
XI Belfast C.B.C.
XJ Manchester C.B.C.
XK London C.C.
XL London C.C.
XM London C.C.
XN London C.C.
XO London C.C.
XP London C.C.
XR London C.C.
XS Paisley B.C.
XT London C.C.
XU London C.C.
XV London C.C.
XW London C.C.
XX London C.C.
XY London C.C.
XE Armagh C.C.
Y Somerset C.C
YA Somerset C.C.
YB Somerset C.C.
YC Somerset C.C.
YD Somerset C.C.
YE London C.C.
YF London C.C.
YG West Riding of Yorks C.C.
YH London C.C.
YI Dublin C.C.
YJ Dundee B.C.
YK London C.C.
YL London C.C.
YM London C.C.
YN London C.C.
YO London C.C.
YP London C.C.
YR London C.C.
YS Glasgow B.C.
YT London C.C.
YU London C.C.
YV London C.C.
YW London C.C.
YX London C.C.
YY London C.C.
YZ Londonderry C.C.
Z Dublin CC.
ZA Dublin C.B.C.
ZB Cork C.C.
ZC Dublin C.B C.
ZD Dublin C.B.C.
ZE Dublin C.C.
ZF Cork C.B.C.
ZH Dublin C.B.C.
ZI Dublin C.B.C.
ZJ Dublin C.B.C.
ZK Cork C.C.
ZL Dublin C.R.C.
ZM Galway C.C.
ZN Meath C.C.
ZO Dublin C.C.
ZP Donegal C.C.
ZR Wexford C.C.
ZT Cork CC.
ZU Dublin C.C.
ZW Kildare C.C.
ZX Kerry CC.
ZY Louth C.C.
ZZ Dublin C.B.C.

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