Please help: Type 4 diecast model wanted

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Please help: Type 4 diecast model wanted

Post by Steph » 13th August 2012 - 11:31pm

please can someone help me .... I am looking for a diecast model of a type 4 for my partner and wouldn't have a clue where to get one from..... I have searched the world wide web and am totally stuck please please give me any suggestions you may have :crybaby: thank you xx

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Re: Please help

Post by Editor » 14th August 2012 - 1:39am

I searched on VW 411 diecast model and got a couple for sale - not that cheap though. ... -400051104 ... silver.htm

There are a few on ebay - a gold 411 is at £1 bid with 5 days to go. I don't want to make enemies - sorry if someone hoped to get it for £1. Of course, you could go for the £40 inc P&P and be sure of one!

If you want a VW 412 diecast, you may be looking for a long time - I couldn't see any examples in a quick Google search!
If they are available, someone will know.

You can look at the selling prices on ebay in 'completed listings', and see how often they come up, and at what price.

You could try the VW shop at Autostadt. Anyone remember if they had them last year?

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Re: Please help

Post by ARCANE » 14th August 2012 - 9:42am

411 fast backs are fairly easy to get and usually go for anything upto £30 1:43 scale,

411 Variant are alot harder to get and can go as high as £100 1:43 scale,

412 in any guise ive never seen!!!

I was lucky my dad managed to get me a 411 variant in green with cream interior identical to mine apart from its a lhd model, but i can live with that! lol



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Re: Please help: Type 4 diecast model wanted

Post by Steph » 14th August 2012 - 12:52pm

Thanks peeps that's great news it gives me a starting point for sure, this is the problem when your fella is madly in love with everything vw .., got to say though I'm not far behind him lol will check out eBay when I'm home from work tonight.. Thanks again x

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Re: Please help: Type 4 diecast model wanted

Post by Lahti411 » 14th August 2012 - 8:04pm

There has been several manufacturers making 411 model cars but only three who made 412's.

411's were made by:

Siku (2-door, early car with oval headlights, hidiously expensive)
Schuco (2-door, early car but less expensive)
Stelco (2-door, sinlge piece molded plastic)
Märklin (4-door with every door and hatch opening)
Gama (4-door, rear doors do not open)
Minichamps (both 4-door sedan and Variant models, several colours)
Cursor (plastic, 4-door, original dealer model, beautiful in detail)
Wiking (plastic, 4-door, several colours and equipped even with a trailer hitch)
Magic/Herpa (plastic, only Variant available, several colours)
Huki (tin plate, 2-door)
Autosculpt (white metal, 4-door, molded in single piece)


Autosculpt (white metal, Variant, molded in single piece)
Stelco (plastic, 4-door)
bs-design (plastic, Variant)

These are all model cars i have ever found made of 411/412.
My cars: 1972 VW 411 Variant, 1973 412 4-door sedan, 1976 Saab 99 Combi Coupé

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